Review: All the Right Reasons

I’ve recently found that I haven’t enjoyed YA romance as much as I used to. However, All the Right Reasons was definitely an exception to this – as the romance for the main character was definitely secondary to the rest of the story.

When Cara and her mom are cast for a dating reality show, they go into the show knowing there’s a payout on the other end. What they don’t expect is producers meddling in budding relationships.

I really enjoyed reading this book – although a lot of the conflicts could easily have been solved with a little communication. The budding relationship between Cara and Connor was super sweet and honest, and seeing how Cara’s mom, Julia, was considering her potential suitors.

I did really like the ending. Although I did kind of guess the surprise twist, I still swooned and couldn’t read it fast enough.

Review: One Last Stop

I was not expecting the paranormal aspect in One Last Stop. This sounds like a cute romcom, so I was all in!

Cynical August moves to New York City and starts serving tables at a 24 hour pancake diner. But then she meets a girl on the train – Jane. Except Jane isn’t a normal girl. She’s stuck in time.

This was a cute book and I really liked August and her growth. Especially her contentious relationship with her mother.

I definitely found there were too many characters in this book. Maybe it was because I listened to this as an audiobook that I couldn’t keep track of all the characters.

I also found some scenes were dragged out and could have been shortened a little bit.

All of that said, this was a fun romcom and mystery to solve with August and Jane. I also had a mad craving for pancakes while listening to this!

I enjoyed the narrator Natalie Naudus, who had a great voice and perfect pacing for this book.

I listened to One Last Stop thanks to an ALC from NetGalley and MacMillan Audio.

Review: Tokyo Ever After

Tokyo Ever After was a cute YA romcom/ coming of age story. It definitely had vibes of The Princess Diaries – which I LOVE – so I was hooked from the start!

Izumi is a Japanese American high school student who doesn’t feel like she really fits in – she feels like she’s too Japanese and not American enough. When she finds a clue to who her father is – she finds out he’s the crown prince of Japan – making her a princess!

But when she travels to Japan to get to know him, she finds she’s too American in Japan and not Japanese enough.

I really loved Izzy’s story about finding your family, finding yourself and finding where you belong.

I listened to Tokyo Ever After as an audiobook thanks to NetGalley and MacMillan Audio. The narrator was such a joy to listen to and really brought Izzy to life for me!