Review: Crumbs

I picked Crumbs up at the book store because of the artwork. The cover drew me in and the artwork inside was just beautiful.

That said, while I enjoyed the relationship between Ray and Laurie, and even the career growth and decisions that Ray needs to make along the way.

But, I wanted to know more about the magic system and how it worked, and more about the Council and what it does and why it is so important. I also wanted more information about Ray and Laurie’s mobile devices. They acted like cell phones, but also were spell books?

I really did enjoy Crumbs, and the drawings of the baked goods and coffee and teas had me craving fresh pastries and hot drinks the whole time. I just wanted more from this story.

Review: Witchful Thinking

Witchful Thinking was a cute witchy romcom, even if it was set in the summer. And, while it was a cute, fast read for the fall season, it definitely won’t be a story that sticks with me.

I really liked the small town, second chance romance between Lucy and Alex. I love any small town romance!

I did want to know more about the merfolk and more background to Freya Grove. The author started to give some information why there are so many supernaturals in Freya Grove, but I feel like the full reason was never fully explained. And with Alex being a merman, I wanted more information about what makes them special.

While this is a romcom, the romance is very lowborn and there wasn’t much steam on the page.

This was a fun reader spooky season, as it is set in the summer, it could absolutely be enjoyed as a summery witchy read, too.