Review: Chef’s Kiss

Chef’s Kiss was a cute, quick read. I really liked the story of discovering yourself and your passions.

I really liked how supportive the chefs at the restaurant were, but I did feel like Ben made the wrong decision by not talking about his difficulty finding a job when he graduated, and his job at the restaurant with his family.

Also, Watson was such a fun character – and I loved the scenes he was in.

I will definitely be trying the butternut squash soup recipe in the back of the book! That sounds so, so good!

Review: A Little Too Familiar

A Little Too Familiar was a cute read! I absolutely loved Lou and her friends and little found family. Granted, the ferrets stole every scene they were in and turned out to be some of my favorite characters in this book.

There were a couple of twists thrown in, but I guessed them pretty early on. That’s didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride, though.

Thank you to Turn the Page Tours and Lish McBride for the review copy!


Love brings out the animal in you.

Louise Matthews has got it good. Wonderful job? Check. Loving family? The best. Roommates? Pretty fantastic, thank you. All of this helps her stay focused on what she wants: to finish out her apprenticeship and become a fully licensed Switch-an animal mage who bonds familiars to their witches.

Only a problem has just moved in-a hot, occasionally wolf-shaped problem.

Declan Mackenzie doesn’t want to be a lone wolf, but he doesn’t have a choice. Girlfriend? Gone. Sister? Starting a new life. Parents? In prison where they belong, thankfully. All he wants is a fresh start-new home, new job, new life. What he gets is a house full of witches, a fledgling phoenix named Dammit, and rogue ferrets who won’t stay out of his business.

And he could handle all of that if it wasn’t for Louise. It’s not great to crush on your roommate. It’s even worse when you realize she wields the kind of magic that sends you running for the door.

Still, Declan is no pup, and he’s not going to let this set him back..

Until the past comes back to haunt him-the parents he put in jail have busted out. They want revenge.

And the only thing standing between them and Declan is Louise and the very magic he vowed never to go near again.

GENRES: Adult Romance, Adult Fantasy, Adult Contemporary


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Lish McBride is a writer, former bookseller, and amateur goblin living in the PNW. In the crime of the century, she tricked not one but two universities into giving her degrees, ending up with an MFA from the University of New Orleans. (They cannot have it back, either, as she has invoked the ancient law of “no backsies.”) When she is not writing or reading, she’s usually hanging out with her family and friends…and talking about writing or reading. Her ultimate dream is to have her own castle and one of the libraries with the wheely ladder. 

You can find her online in all of the usual places under the handle @lishmcbride, usually posting pictures of her dogs.

Review: The Duke & I

I love historic romances, but have not read one in a while. The Duke and I, the first book in The Bridgerton series, definitely reignited my love of this genre.

Daphne is the kind of heroine I love to read about – she’s smart and witty, and in this setting that makes her for the perfect friend but not the perfect bride. Until Simon, the new Duke of Hastings, arrives back in London. He’s gruff and brooding – their qualities mesh perfectly together.

I don’t know how much I can add to the conversation about this book – or any of The Bridgerton books. The Duke and I was definitely a fun read – romantic and swoon and also being fun and making me laugh with the antics of Simon and Daphne (and her brothers).

I did read an edition that had the second epilogue in it – which I wish I hadn’t read until I finished the series, the way they were meant to be read. I felt like it was a little bit of spoilers for future books.

Thank you to Once Upon a Book Club for providing me with the Bridgerton Vol. 1 box, which was a fun way to read The Duke and I! (If you want your own Once Upon a Book Club experience, use LEANNREADS10 when you shop their site.)

Review: Neon Gods

I don’t typically read hyped books, mostly because they almost never live up to the hype for me.

But, with a cover blurb declaring Neon Gods as “Unspeakably hot” I decided this was a hyped book I had to try. It did sit on my shelf for a while, so I guess that’s something?

I have recently read the graphic novel, Lore Olympus, which gave me a baseline for the Persephone and Hades myth, but Neon Gods definitely turned the heat up on the story.

I really enjoyed the romance and the storyline throughout the book, and the romance and sexy times weren’t the catalyst for moving the story forward.

I do wish there had been more explanation about how the positions within the Thirteen are filled – because it kind of sounds like the English aristocracy, where once you assume the Dukedom your name changes to that of the title.

I absolutely enjoyed this book and cannot wait to pick up Electric Idol.

Review: A Risky Play

I was so excited to read A Risky Play, in the Suncastle College series. Marissa Gramoll has a way of writing romances that are gritty and honest, while still being steamy and swoony.

A Risky Play is Zac and Trish’s story, and while this can be read as a standalone, readers who read Gramoll’s A Game Like Ours will find that stories weave together and connect to really grow the world she has created.

I really appreciated how the romance and relationship in this book were not a cure all for the two main character’s emotional issues and mental health problems. When Zac has a panic attack, Trish stays with him and holds him. But doesn’t try to “fix” him.

And the chemistry between Trish and Zac is hot. Like, phew! My only disappointment is that the first half of the book was very hot and heavy, and the second half was just heavy – emotionally heavy. While I loved both halves, I wish there had been more integration of the heat and the heavy.

I did find that while I understood Trish when she was trying to push Zac away, I would find myself yelling at Zac at some of the dumb things he did. (Not text his sister, push Trish too hard, etc.) Also, and I know it’s just my personal preference, but Zac frequently asked for help from his “Holy Father,” which is fine. It became more and more frequent in the second half of the book and was a little off putting for me as a non-religious person reading this one.

This was my third book by this author, and definitely will not be my last. I look forward to reading whatever she releases next!

I received this book as a digital ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Review: Always Room for Cupcakes

Always Room for Cupcakes has been sitting on my kindle shelf for far too long. I was drawn to this book by the title and this fabulous cover, but I guess I never really read the synopsis before jumping into this one.

Lila works for a private investigator as a photographer, typically catching cheating husbands and boyfriends in the act. But her newest assignment is a little more dangerous.

On one of her assingments she meets Cade, a motorcycle hottie who is on a mission to get the drugs out of the community. 

This was a fun romantic suspense read – not something I would have picked up had I actually read the synopsis beforehand, and I would have missed out on a really enjoyable read. And at 182 pages, this was a nice, short read.

There was some heat, fun banter, and cupcakes. This book definitely inspired me to make cupcakes.

This is the first in the Delilah Horton series, and is free on Amazon Kindle.

Cover Reveal: A Risky Play


I am so excited to be on the street team for the cover reveal for @marissajgramoll’s new book, A Risky Play! A Risky Play releases on March 31, but you can pre-order now for the special limited time pre-order price of $2.99.

A Risky Play is Book Two of the Suncastle College Series of Standalones. (woohoo for standalones!)


He knows she’s the one. She can’t decide if she’s ready to fall in love.

From the author of A Game Like Ours comes this hot and spicy angst-filled college romance.

A Risky Play Blurb:

Zac Williams’ loves the attention of being a starting first baseman for the Suncastle Knights. Girls wear his number. Charm earns him internet fame.

But Zac wishes he had the perfect, easy life everyone thinks he does. Instead, he’s fighting an internal battle every day. Then Trish shows up. She’s everything he didn’t know he needed and makes the demons in his head quiet for a while.

They promise to keep it casual. No strings attached.

Only, there’s so much between them that it’s impossible to ignore.

Zac can’t keep juggling his baseball career, his internet following, and a girl who takes so much effort to keep from slipping through his fingers.

When he’s finally ready to make a risky play, and go all in, she’s determined to walk away before she’s trapped….

Will Zac convince her they are made for each other? Or will she leave everything behind before he has the chance?

What to expect from A Risky Play:

💜 No Strings Attached
💜 College Baseball Star
💜 Freelance Photographer
💜 Lots of Spice
💜 Mental Health
💜 Broken Hero/heroine
💜 LGBTQ + Rep
💜 Southern Smalltown
💜 Book Two in Suncastle College series of standalones

Cover Designer: Sarah Sentz of Enchanting Romance Designs

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Review: A Girl Like You

I’m really not sure how I feel about A Girl Like You. It wasn’t my favorite book, but I also found myself drawn back to the Jessica’s story.

Jessica has experienced her second divorce and is turning to get back out Into the dating world through online dating. I wanted more from her experiences with men on her dates. Not just, he ordered wings so she hightailed it out of the bar stories. The dating stories felt a little flat, somewhat one-dimensional. Whereas the other portions of the book had more depth.

I also wanted to stop Jessica a few times and remind her to love herself first. To spend time with her friends and family rather than spend so much time scrolling through an online dating profile.

The last 80 to 100 pages of this book absolutely broke my heart – ripped it out completely. I was reading through tears and I am sure there are tear stains on the pages.

Thank you to the author, Cari Scribner, for the copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Review: Dial A for Aunties

If I had to explain the plot of A for Aunties, it would sound ridiculous (believe me, I tried).

What do you get when you mix meddling family, a wedding and a dead body together? Meddy, her mom and three aunties are very close, and in fact own a wedding planning business together.

But at a high profile wedding the team is working everything goes wrong. The groomsmen are drunk out of their gourd, the tea ceremony gifts have gone missing, oh, and there’s a dead body to contend with.

I laughed so hard while reading this book. I mean, laughing with tears in my eyes, weird side-eye from people around me, type laughing.

This is a clean, second-chance romance. The romance was definitely there, but was almost secondary to the family.

After reading this, Jesse Q. Sutanto has definitely been added to my auto-buy list.

Review: Stolen Midsummer Bride

Stolen brides, fae, monsters and a Shakespeare retelling? How can you say no to this book?

Meg runs away from home to be stolen by a fee lord to help pay off her family’s debt. However, instead of being found by a wealthy fan lord, she is stolen away by Basil, a Librarian for the Court of Knowledge.

Basil steals a bride just in time for Midsummer Night – when it the thinnest between realms and monsters can cross into the Fae Realm.

I love the Fae retelling of Midsummer Night’s Dream – my favorite Shakespeare play. And the blossoming romance between Meg and Basil is an enjoyable read. This is a clean romance with lots of action

Stolen Midsummer Bride is the third book in the Stolen Brides of the Fae series, however, this can absolutely be read as a stond-alone.