Review: Tiny Travelers Teasure Quest

The Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest series are search and find books for children that whisk them off on an adventure to China, Puerto Rico or Mexico. These picture books are full of fun facts and beautiful illustrations that children and parents will want to revisit over and over again.

The Treasure Quest series includes Tiny Travelers China, Tiny Travelers Puerto Rico and Tiny Travelers Mexico. Having traveled to all three destinations, I was excited to explore these books and see what adventures and fun facts were highlighted in these picture books. (I have included some photos from my own travels to each of these destinations at the end of this post – scroll down to check them out!)

According to the Goodreads description of this series, “the Tiny Travelers ‘Treasure Quest’ Series takes its readers on a fun-filled journey to discover what makes each country special.”

These children’s books are filled with full page spreads of detailed illustrations that highlight a particular part of each country’s culture. Each page has a cultural item for young readers to find, as well as a fun fact. Some of the fun “Did You Know” facts were even new to me! Like, in Tiny Travelers Mexico, one “Did You Know” fact was, “There are three different colors of corn tortillas: yellow, red and blue.”

I really enjoyed the way Tiny Travelers used foreign languages throughout these books. In Tiny Travelers Puerto Rico, Spanish is included in the rhyming story, and in Tiny Travelers Mexico and Puerto Rico, the location names are used with the pronunciation written in next to the bolded Spanish word. Similarly, in Tiny Travelers China, Cantonese words, written in both their English alphabet and in their traditional Chinese letters are included next to their English word.

The final page in all three books is a map of the world and the country from the book is highlighted, which is a great way to put in perspective how big and connected our world is to children, as well as teach them where these countries are in the world.

The Tiny Travelers Treasure Quest series is definitely a fun series for small children who will enjoy the search and find aspect of the books, as well as learning about other countries and their cultures. Older children might enjoy this series when paired with the National Geographic Beginners World Atlas. Younger children may enjoy this series paired with Around the World in 18 Ways, which teaches children to say hello, please, thank you and good-bye in 18 different languages with gorgeous illustrations.

TOUR: T-Rexes Can’t Tie Their Shoes

If parents are looking for a book to both teach the alphabet, as well as teach a great lesson, T-Rexes Can’t Tie Their Shoes is a great option.

The main story and illustrations of this children’s book shows what different animals can’t do – what is difficult for them (like giraffes can’t do gymnastics).

At the end of the book, there are two pages that highlights what the animals CAN do.

Its a great reminder that while you might not be great at everything, you are great at something.

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TITLE: T-Rexes Can’t Tie Their Shoes

PUBLISHER: Double Day Books For Young Readers

GENRES: Children’s, Picture book



A funny and encouraging alphabetic book about all the things animals CAN’T do but kids CAN! Every parent teaching their children new skills will be happy to have this super-positive picture book on hand.

Bees can’t ride bicycles, penguins can’t play ping-pong, and zebras can’t go zip-lining. No one is good at everything, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying! Here is a funny and encouraging picture book for any child learning how to tie their shoes, ride a bike, spell their name, or do a variety of new things.

Follow a hilarious alphabet of animals, and see all the things they can’t do but kids can—from doing gymnastics to flipping pancakes to playing a xylophone. Along the way, young readers will learn that it’s okay if they can’t do everything; they can still have a LOT of fun trying.


Anna Lazowski wrote her first picture book for a class assignment in the sixth grade and has been creating stories ever since. Now an award-winning radio producer, Anna has an MA (Journalism) from the University of Western Ontario and a BFA (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba.

Review: A Unicorn Named Rin

A Unicorn Named Rin is such a beautifully illustrated book. I spent a lot of time enjoying the illustrations throughout this children’s book!

Rin is a Chinese unicorn, and is asked by her friend Princess Pingyang to help find the Royal Phoenix, Fan. Rin looks everywhere, and gets help from friends to search for and find Fan.

Not only was the book gorgeous, but I loved the Glossy of Rin’s Map in the back, which described each location in the book and where they are in real life. Now I want to go traveling through China and learn more about these beautiful places.

I’m so glad I got to read this story during AAPI Heritage Month. Thank you Turn the Page Tours and Crystal Z. Lee for hosting this tour!

Review: I Am the Shark

This is such a cute – and educational! – children’s picture book. I didn’t know all the shark facts that this book shares with readers.

The illustrations are just so sweet and the expressions on the sharks faces make me smile – especially Great White Shark’s emotions and faces throughout the book.

But I also love, love, love the message about being you and celebrating what makes you special.


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TITLE: I Am The Shark

AUTHOR: Joan Holub
Crown Books for Young Readers
May 4, 2021



What makes the great white shark (one of) the greatest fish in the sea? FIN-d out in this hilarious fish-out-of-water story that’s perfect for Shark Week and all year-round!

Hi! I am Great White Shark, and if you get this book, you’ll read all about ME“ the greatest shark in the sea!

Not so fast! Greenland Shark here, and as the oldest shark in this book, that makes me the greatest.

Did someone say fast? I’m Mako Shark, and I’m the fastest shark in this book! Eat my bubbles!

Wow, I’m Hammerhead Shark. You don’t need my special eyes to see that there are lots of great sharks in this book. Sink your teeth into it now!

New York Times bestselling author Joan Holub makes a splash with bestselling illustrator Laurie Keller to deliver an entertaining undersea story filled with the greatest shark facts in the ocean!


Joan Holub is the New York Times“bestselling author and illustrator of more than 140 children’s books, including Breakout at the Bug Lab, Who Was Babe Ruth?, and the Goddess Girls series. Prior to publishing her first title in 1992, she was an associate art director at Scholastic.

Review: Around the World in 18 Ways

This was such a cute children’s book! What’s more important than learning how to say hello and goodbye, please and thank you? 

Around the World in 18 Ways teaches young children how to say these four phrases in 18 languages.

In a world that is more and more connected, learning these basic phrases is so important! Whether you’re traveling, or just armchair traveling. 

The illustrations in this are also gorgeous. Any child would be captivated by the pictures and learn about the country from what’s in the illustration for each country.

Around the World in 18 Ways publishes in May 2021, just I time for us all to (hopefully) start traveling again!

Thank you to NetGalley and Vanita Books for the advanced review copy!