Review: A Curse so Dark and Lonely

I was a little nervous to read A Curse so Dark and Lonely because of al the hype that surrounds this series. I almost never like over-hyped series.

And I was especially nervous as I started reading this one because, for me, it was very slow to start. It took me a good long while to get into this one.

However, once the action started to pick up a little I was hooked and found myself flipping pages pretty fast and finishing this book rather quickly.

I will say, I appreciated that the author gave Harper a disability, but didn’t let that slow her down any. She fought and battled right along with the rest of the troops. It’s great representation for the disabled community.

I will say, of the whole book, my favorite chapters are the chapters in the Monster’s POV towards the end. There’s something that’s just perfectly succinct and yet telling about those chapters. I also really appreciated the bonus chapter in Grey’s POV.

As a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I kind of assumed how this book ended (it’s a Tale as Old as Time, after all). But it was a fun read and enjoyable to experience the relationships blossom and grown between Harper and Grey and Harper and Rhen. 

Review: Jackson

If you’re looking for a smokin’ hot Texas Ranger who wants to take care of his lady anyway possible (**eye waggle**) then Jackson by LaQuette is definitely for you.

This romance had some suspense wrapped around it – a bonafide whodunit case that brings the Texas Rangers on an undercover mission to Aja’s Restoration Ranch, in small town Texas. 

I absolutely loved Aja – who’s taken on two parolees trying to turn their life around by working at Restoration Ranch. Seneca and Brooklyn were the perfect two characters to play off of Aja, too.

I enjoyed the relationship and the budding romance of Aja and Jackson. Reading about two strong willed people butting heads and ignoring their true feelings for one another because they would rather fight than kiss had me smiling and falling in love with them.

I did figure out the culprit in the case early on, but enjoyed the twists and the investigation that went with this story. I was a little confused by the scene at the end, and wish there had been a little more explanation about that, though.

I absolutely appreciate that this was set in a small town rather than one of the bigger cities in Texas. It made the investigation and the crimes that much more believable, I think!

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Review: Chronicles of a Spell Caster

Let me start by saying, I enjoyed reading Chronicles of a Spell Caster. It did take me a little bit to get into the author’s writing style and into the groove with this world.

The book is written more like journal entries from Jet about his experiences at Welwerth University, rather than a narrative as it happens, which takes a little adjusting to as a reader.

The beginning for me was very slow – there was a lot of world building, which is very well done. There are a lot of names, places, and word history thrown at you all at once, which for me was difficult to remember the character names, especially when they popped back up 100 pages later.

That said, the world building is done well enough that it keep me interested, and there was enough action and intrigue sprinkled throughout that I wanted to keep reading to learn more.

There is a lot of action in the second half of the book, once the students reach the second half of the school year and are in the AITS for the semester. Once I reached this part of the book, I couldn’t put it down!

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Review: Song of the Marked

“Casia hated thunderstorms, because they reminded her of the night she had watched her mother kill her father.”

Holy freaking opening. S.M. Gaither might win best first sentence for a new release for 2020.

Song of the Marked felt like a very timely read for 2020. A realm where a mysterious disease is ravaging the people, draining the life from them in a matter of weeks, sometimes days. And a king-emperor who is searching for some cure to the disease.

As I learned more about The Fading Sickness, the more I associated it the coronavirus pandemic our world is currently grappling with.

And, just like we all need more information about COVID-19, I NEED more information about King-Emperor Varen and the Solasen family. 

I appreciated Gaither’s ability to weave information into the story without overloading the reader with information. For instance, I had some questions about how the magic system works in the beginning, but by the time I finished the book my questions had been answered.

That said, I still finished this book with so many questions – especially about Casia: Where is she from? Who is she? How did she not realize she had magic before? And, where does her magic come from? And what is the song of the marked?

The slow burn romance between Casia and Elander is steamy. There’s such tension between the two of them. The romance and the steaminess feels very natural between the two characters, and I was definitely shipping them.

The writing in Song of the Marked was faced paced and I found myself flipping pages quickly and zooming through chapters. However, I never found myself fully invested in any of the characters. That said, with that cliffhanger ending – I need the book two!

 Thank you to author S.M. Gaither and Book of Matches Media for the review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Review: Crisanta Knight: Inherent Fate

I truly enjoyed reading “Crisanta Knight: Inherent Fate.” 

I jumped into this series on this book – and  never felt lost or like I was missing part of the plot because I jumped into to series on book three.

While I wish there had been a little bit more action in the book, I appreciate that this is book, and this series, is an epic adventure quest and the story isn’t just about the action.

I loved the overarching story that focuses on finding who you are inside – finding your inner strength. (I may or may not have been humming Reflection from Mulan while reading parts of this.)

While this book focuses on Crisa and Daniel for the majority of the book, they do meet back up with their friends in the last quarter. And I really enjoyed the dynamic of the whole team together.

That said, I honestly want to go back and read books one and two because the dynamic shift between Crisanta and Daniel throughout this book is heartwarming. But, I would love to go back and see the beginning of that relationship.

Possibly my favorite part of the book, which really said a lot to me about Crisa as a person, was a very small scene when she and Daniel are in Germany. As they are getting ready to leave, she activates her Hole Tracker and leaves a cryptic note in one of Yunru’s books which will lead her to Alderon. I  hope to see Yunru again in a future Crisanta Knight book!

After reading this, if I was ever confused about the terms “antagonist” and “protagonist” I definitely have them figured out now! I truly loved that the group’s quest was to find the Author (although 100% expected the Author’s name to be Geanna! Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t!)

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in Crisanta’s adventure. Thank you to author Geanna Culbertson for providing me with this  free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Review: Rated-XXX

Wow this book! Rated-XXX is such a fun read!

Bailey is a virgin, lives in LA and works for Come Magazine (think Cosmo 😉). Bailey’s first big story is an interview Elijah Mattox, porn star who wants to move to the silver screen. Already a great set up.

The story really takes off over a dick cake. 🧁 When Bailey is visiting her roommate at the coffeeshop he works at, Elijah is also stopping in to pick up his custom dick-shaped cake for a party.

I really loved Eli and Bailey’s blossoming relationship. Eli is sensitive and caring – and May Oh writes him as a perfect gentleman. ((Swoon)) 

Bailey is an incredibly independent woman with some insecurities, as we all have. But her insecurities aren’t what define her, which I liked a lot in the character. It gave her depth and made her a very well-rounded character that I could totally see myself being friends with!

I did think it was unique that the whole book is told through Bailey’s POV. I kept waiting for Eli’s POV, but it never happened.

I also thought there would be very little in the way of steamy scenes in this book, considering the main female character is a virgin, a stays a virgin through the entirety of the book. However, Bailey visits Eli on set while he’s filming twice during the course of the story. Both times, the very steamy scene is described to the reader from Bailey’s POV. And, phew! They are steamy, steamy scenes!

Oh, and not to mention Bailey and Eli’s time spent at the sex club. 🔥

Rated-XXX releases today and is available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Mya Oh is an author, mother, and amateur baker. Rated-XXX is her debut novel.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time exploring the woods of her rural town. She currently resides on the East Coast with her husband, two sons, and ginger tabby cat.











Review: I Love You So Mochi

OMG! I Love You So Mochi was such an adorable YA romcom, and definitely has me yearning to travel to Kyoto, Japan!

Kimi loves taking everyday pieces of clothes from the thrift store and turning them into “Kimi Originals” – outfits that make her and her friends feel brave and like the ultimate versions of themselves. However, her mom thinks this is a distraction from her painting and her future at a prestigious fine art academy.

However, when a letter from her estranged grandparents inviting her to Kyoto for spring break, she takes the opportunity to change her scenery and hopefully find her passion and decide her future path.

Kimi’s journey to finding herself and her passion is such an enjoyable read. I also adored Akira – he’s so sweet and I could just hug him! I could see myself becoming friends with him, too! And their young love is written so perfectly! Butterflies, holding hands, covert kissing.

Following Kimi’s journey of finding her passion was inspiring and a good reminder that what you love and what you’re passionate about is not just frivolous. (I promise, no spoilers!)

I also found myself researching the tourist places in Kyoto that Kimi and Akira visit. The Fushimi Inari Taisha has me in awe and has definitely been added to the bucket list!

And I loved how Kimi found inspiration for her fashion designs from the places she visits in Kyoto. The designs described – I could picture them and would love to see more fashion that is inspired by beautiful places in the world!

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