Review: Afterparties: Stories

I’m honestly not sure how to even start to review Afterparties: Stories. This was a tough collection of short stories to read. The writing was beautiful and emotional. But the content is gritty and honest.

I didn’t know much about the Cambodian-American culture and the lives of these refugee families, and this collection of short stories really opened my eyes.

I was originally learned about Afterparties and its author Anthony Veasna So from an article on NPR. This is So’s amazing debut novel. Unfortunately, So died of a drug overdose before this book released.

There is a wonderful variety of representation in these stories. Besides the refugee story, but also LGBTQ, minority, and so many more.

Review: How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days

With a title like “How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days” I couldn’t resist purchasing this book from Book of the Month.

It was kind of slow in the beginning for me, to be honest. But once the “K90” plan was put into place, I started to enjoy this one more. I definitely chuckled quite a few times while reading this and loved the adventure.

I will say, I think there might have been Keanu-inspired jokes that went over my head since I’m not much of a movie person. Regardless, this was a cute read.

I did enjoy the friends to lovers trope in this book. I wasn’t sold on the relationship at first, let alone really expecting the budding relationship. But I did fall in love with Lu and True together.

And the ending! Oh my goodness – absolutely perfectly swoony.

Despite the slow start, I really enjoyed How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days! It was a super cute romcom read this spring.

Review: The Love Hypothesis

This was definitely a Bookstagram made me do it book. I had read so many glowing reviews about The Love Hypothesis that I couldn’t resist making this my Book of the Month back in September. And when @beautys.library chose this as the December book club pick, I jumped in.

Granted, I didn’t read this book until January.

Olive was so relatable – so awkwardly relatable. Even though I work in communications, I could absolutely relate to the issues Olive encountered in her lab.

Fake dating might be my favorite trope. And The Love Hypothesis did not disappoint. There were the perfect awkward moments, soft and tender moments, and moments that made me laugh out loud.

I absolutely loved Adam and Olive together. I couldn’t get enough of them! And Olive’s friends made everything more awkward (if that’s possible) and ridiculous.

Honestly, I loved this book so much I read the whole thing in a day and already miss being with these characters. I can’t wait until the next book comes out in this series.

Review: The Office of Historical Corrections

The Office of Historical Corrections was a fun collection of short stories. My favorite being the novella of the same title.

The novella is about the governmental office that corrects mistakes on signs, displays and monuments. But when one goes rogue, it is up to one officer to fix the correction.

This collections of seven short stories was such a great read and I absolutely couldn’t put it down. 

Review: The Ex Hex

I have not laughed while reading a book this much in a long, long time. But The Ex Hex had me laughing and chuckling throughout.

Nine years ago, Vivi finds out her boyfriend, Rhys Penhallow is betrothed and breaks up with him. In her heartbroken-state, this witch does what any other would do – curses the guy.

Now, Rhys is back in Graves Glen and that spark has been rekindled almost immediately between Vivi and Rhys. Except Rhys’s magic within Graves Glen is a little wonky and nothing seems to be going right leading up to Halloween.

This was such a fun read! I loved all of these characters, all of the twists and turns and silliness. And the romance between Vivienne and Rhys was so honest and true. I almost didn’t link the ending and the easy way things wrapped up, though.

This was a perfect Halloween read, or a great witchy read anytime, and a fun romcom read!