Book Feature: Elemental Outcast

I didn’t know the paranormal world existed. Until I became part of it.

TITLE: Elemental Outcast
SERIES: Paranormal Outcast Series
GENRE: YA Urban Fantasy with action and adventure and PNR twined throughout

RELEASE DATE: 01.12.21


All I wanted for my seventeenth birthday was a fun night out. But when a knife-wielding psychopath attacks my best friend, of course I try to stop him—and wind up getting myself killed. 

Or so I thought.

Next thing I know, I’m waking up to a glaring stranger with piercing red eyes. Jasper is an honest-to-goodness vampire straight out of the movies. He’s inhumanly beautiful, exceptionally strong…and he totally hates my guts.

Seems my near-death experience got me ensnared in a witch’s curse with twelve other paranormals known as the Outcasts. Supposedly, an ancient prophecy says the thirteenth Outcast will be the one to break the curse. That means me. Lucky number thirteen.

As I train to control a dangerous magic I didn’t know I possessed, the more I learn about the Outcasts, Jasper’s attitude, and my connection to the prophecy. And they’re all far more complicated than I thought. 

To make matters worse, another dangerous paranormal knows about the prophecy—and my connection to it. The closer I get to fulfilling my destiny, the more desperate they are to make sure that when I die again, it’s permanent.

Elemental Outcast is the first book in a young adult urban fantasy action adventure series, filled with vampires, shifters, witches, and more. If you like your books with a healthy dose of pulse-pounding fights, snark, sinister magic, and a slow-burn romance between people who can’t stand falling for each other, then the Elemental Outcasts series is for you!


-Julie Hall, Cassandra Clare, Kimberly Loth, Chandelle LaVaun, A.L. Knorr, Rick Riordan

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Review: Daughter of Darkness

I spent the first couple of chapters of Daughter of Darkness confused about what was going on, but I’m glad I pushed through and kept reading.

Two parallel storylines – the past wit Kianna and the present with Kenna – and the thread that ties them together is Devon.

Devon is a warrior, called on by the gods to fix a mistake he made , but has no memory of the mistake and has no guidance from the gods on what his mission is.

I really enjoyed this story, flipping back and forth between the past and present, and, since the reader, similar to Devon, doesn’t know what his mission is, is figuring it out as the book progresses. 

There is a sexy sexy scene in this book, which makes me question whether this should be classified as YA (it is listed as “Upper YA/NA Contemporary Fantasy Romance”). Maybe I’m just being a prude? Maybe it’s because the 18 year old is sleeping with an immortal who’s hundred of years older than her (talk about an age gap!)?

I will say, I figured out Devon’s mission before he did in the book, which made the last couple of chapters before the next set of action drag a little bit for me. But, even regardless of that, I enjoyed Daughter of Darkness.

Thank you to Book of Matches Media and Juliana Haygert for the gifted copy of this book!


She is destined to kill a demon.
He is sent to protect her.
One of them is about to fail …


He spent centuries in the dark …
After 300 years spent in the underworld as a punishment, warrior Devon is called on by the gods for a chance to fix his mistake–and to win his redemption. But there’s a catch: the gods won’t tell him details about his mission. He’s supposed to suffer while trying to figure out what he did wrong in the past, and fix it in the present.
All Kenna ever wanted was to be the owner of her own life and destiny. But for now all she can do is run away from the evil wanting to claim her powers.
 … until she came …
When Devon becomes unintentionally entangled in his new neighbor’s life, he can’t help but feel he’s closer to his purpose. Every moment he spends with Kenna makes him confused, and every time he touches her, glimpses of the past, of his failed mission, come back to haunt him.
… and showed him the light.
Darkness is closing in, and with Kenna’s help, Devon needs to put the pieces of the puzzle together before he fails his mission again and evil consumes the world.
Only this time, he’s sure he won’t be the only one damned.

Review: Daughter of Dreams and Dread


I’m still reeling from finishing this book. Thank you to @bookofmatchesmedia for including me on this tour! 

While I loved Estelle – she’s an incredibly strong female protagonist who grows into being a badass and into her magic, – the story took a weird, hard turn for me in the middle. At one point, I had to close the book and make sure I was still reading the same book.

That said, the twist at the end had me 🙀, and I flew through the last handful of chapters.

TRIGGER WARNINGS – Graphic violence, abuse, adult language, mention (not graphic) of rape and assault.


When fate tears Estelle Verndari from an ordinary world, dreams become a sinister new reality. In Kiliac, different is dangerous. Different means magic, and magic is punishable by death.  

Lost and alone in a forest of nightmares, Estelle is saved by Rose, a man with fire in his eyes and blood on his hands. But she must learn to survive this brutal new world if she ever hopes to make it home. As the forest becomes a sanctuary, Rose captures her heart, and Estelle discovers a secret magic in her soul—the ability to heal in a world full of ruin.

But an ancient power is calling her name. A tyrant king is drowning the forest in death, and taking up arms to defend it means giving up on finding her path home. If Estelle’s secret is uncovered, everything she’s grown to love will be destroyed.

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Review: Song of the Marked

“Casia hated thunderstorms, because they reminded her of the night she had watched her mother kill her father.”

Holy freaking opening. S.M. Gaither might win best first sentence for a new release for 2020.

Song of the Marked felt like a very timely read for 2020. A realm where a mysterious disease is ravaging the people, draining the life from them in a matter of weeks, sometimes days. And a king-emperor who is searching for some cure to the disease.

As I learned more about The Fading Sickness, the more I associated it the coronavirus pandemic our world is currently grappling with.

And, just like we all need more information about COVID-19, I NEED more information about King-Emperor Varen and the Solasen family. 

I appreciated Gaither’s ability to weave information into the story without overloading the reader with information. For instance, I had some questions about how the magic system works in the beginning, but by the time I finished the book my questions had been answered.

That said, I still finished this book with so many questions – especially about Casia: Where is she from? Who is she? How did she not realize she had magic before? And, where does her magic come from? And what is the song of the marked?

The slow burn romance between Casia and Elander is steamy. There’s such tension between the two of them. The romance and the steaminess feels very natural between the two characters, and I was definitely shipping them.

The writing in Song of the Marked was faced paced and I found myself flipping pages quickly and zooming through chapters. However, I never found myself fully invested in any of the characters. That said, with that cliffhanger ending – I need the book two!

 Thank you to author S.M. Gaither and Book of Matches Media for the review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.