About Me

Hi there! My name is Leann and I live in the Suburbs of Philadelphia. ⠀

I also enjoy volunteering, and sit on the boards of two nonprofits: Ambler Main Street, where this year I was elected to serve as President; and Expressive Path, where I sit on the Advisory Council. 

In my free time, I love to travel and have visited 43 out of 50 states (only Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming left to visit), as well as 100 National Park units, and a whole bunch of countries.

I am also an avid reader and have an Instagram account dedicated just to talking about books. The Great Gatsby is, without a doubt, my favorite book, but regency romances are my guilty pleasure reading.

My favorite books are The Great Gatsby and The Weight of Feathers. I’m an eclectic reader, I love to read anything and everything, but my guilty pleasure reading is regency romances.