Review: Rustler’s Moon

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I tend to impulse buy books based on the cover. Rustler’s Moon was no exception – the cover art is gorgeous. I don’t think I even read the back cover before I headed to the registers.

I absolutely loved small town romances, and Ransom Canyon is no exception to the rule. Seriously, who doesn’t love a quaint small town?!

While the residents of Ransom Canyon were amazing, I loved Wilkes and Angie (although Uncle Vern may be the best side character). Love at first sight is a difficult trope to pull off, but Jodi Thomas definitely made me feel the attraction worked (and it did not feel like cringy insta-love).

It is very rare for me to find a book with so many different, interweaving POVs. Somehow, it worked and I was able to follow along and keep everyone straight in my head!

This was a clean romance (not even a fade to black scene). Some references to sex, but nothing on the page.

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