Review: Risk

I absolutely LOVE everything I have ever read by Skye Jordan. She has a way to bringing her characters to life. I also appreciate that, while she writes series, her books can also be read as standalone (yay!).

Risk, which is book 8 in the Renegades series, was such a fun read. I knew I was in for a good amount of steam when the two main characters get it on in the first 50 pages.

I honestly loved Caitlyn and how independent she is. To get up and move across the country all on her own, take a lot of chutzpah. And to take a job without knowing what exactly in the job description – just wow.

I really did enjoy the growing relationship between Duke and Caitlyn – especially as the reader watches Caitlyn grow more confident in her position and on the movie set.

Thank you the author, Skye Jordan, for sending me a finished copy in exchange for my review.


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