Feature: Revolution (America Book 3)

Synopsis (from Amazon)⁠

The 1968 Tet uprising plunges America deeper into the abyss of Vietnam. Martin Luther King is shot, and riots rage in 130 burning American cities. Students protesting the War take over American universities, and street battles in Paris nearly topple the French government. Senator Eugene McCarthy enters the Democratic presidential race against Lyndon Johnson, followed by Bobby Kennedy, who goes on to win the California Democratic primary.⁠

Mick joins the Paris student street battles, then returns to the US to work in Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Daisy leaves Stanford to work also in Bobby’s campaign. Troy faces increasing dangers as the Vietnam War widens into Cambodia and Laos. American astronauts land on the moon and safely return to earth.⁠

Tara and her band shine at Woodstock. The My Lai massacre is revealed, further darkening the tragedy in Vietnam, and America teeters on the edge of revolution.⁠
This lovely velvet green dress is from Twelve23 Resale Boutique. Somehow it’s a size 2 by Madewell and fit me (for reference, I typically wear a size 6 in dresses). It’s a super soft velvet – perfect for all those fall and holiday events that are undoubtedly starting to creep up on your calendar.⁠

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