Review: How Y’all Doing

I fell in love with Leslie Jordan on the ridiculous sitcom Call Me Kat, then found out he’s also amazing on Instagram. And when I saw Mr. Jordan had written a memoir, I knew I needed to read it.

I had not heard of Leslie Jordan prior to Call Me Kat, and did not realize he had such a rich history of comedy, so it was nice to read about how he started out and got to where he is today.

Also, as a student in strategic communications, it was nice to see how he learned Instagram and how he has grown his audience and creates content for his over five million followers.

I will say, there was a lot of name dropping of other actors, all within context. However, I’m the person who doesn’t know actors, so I spent a lot of time Googling names to figure out who he was talking about.

I appreciate that Leslie Jordan is 100 percent himself and lives that way – and advocates for his community. The reminder from this book to live your truth and to be who you are despite what others think of you, was a great reminder.

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