Cover Reveal: A Risky Play


I am so excited to be on the street team for the cover reveal for @marissajgramoll’s new book, A Risky Play! A Risky Play releases on March 31, but you can pre-order now for the special limited time pre-order price of $2.99.

A Risky Play is Book Two of the Suncastle College Series of Standalones. (woohoo for standalones!)


He knows she’s the one. She can’t decide if she’s ready to fall in love.

From the author of A Game Like Ours comes this hot and spicy angst-filled college romance.

A Risky Play Blurb:

Zac Williams’ loves the attention of being a starting first baseman for the Suncastle Knights. Girls wear his number. Charm earns him internet fame.

But Zac wishes he had the perfect, easy life everyone thinks he does. Instead, he’s fighting an internal battle every day. Then Trish shows up. She’s everything he didn’t know he needed and makes the demons in his head quiet for a while.

They promise to keep it casual. No strings attached.

Only, there’s so much between them that it’s impossible to ignore.

Zac can’t keep juggling his baseball career, his internet following, and a girl who takes so much effort to keep from slipping through his fingers.

When he’s finally ready to make a risky play, and go all in, she’s determined to walk away before she’s trapped….

Will Zac convince her they are made for each other? Or will she leave everything behind before he has the chance?

What to expect from A Risky Play:

💜 No Strings Attached
💜 College Baseball Star
💜 Freelance Photographer
💜 Lots of Spice
💜 Mental Health
💜 Broken Hero/heroine
💜 LGBTQ + Rep
💜 Southern Smalltown
💜 Book Two in Suncastle College series of standalones

Cover Designer: Sarah Sentz of Enchanting Romance Designs

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