Review: Dial A for Aunties

If I had to explain the plot of A for Aunties, it would sound ridiculous (believe me, I tried).

What do you get when you mix meddling family, a wedding and a dead body together? Meddy, her mom and three aunties are very close, and in fact own a wedding planning business together.

But at a high profile wedding the team is working everything goes wrong. The groomsmen are drunk out of their gourd, the tea ceremony gifts have gone missing, oh, and there’s a dead body to contend with.

I laughed so hard while reading this book. I mean, laughing with tears in my eyes, weird side-eye from people around me, type laughing.

This is a clean, second-chance romance. The romance was definitely there, but was almost secondary to the family.

After reading this, Jesse Q. Sutanto has definitely been added to my auto-buy list.

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