Review: I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas

I’m a sucker for Christmas romances this time of year. But when I saw Lewis Black had a Christmas book, I was sold.

I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas is definitely not your typical Christmas book. There’s a lot of honesty about the holiday from Black – a Jew looking at the holiday from the outside.

I’ve actually never laughed so hard while reading a Christmas book. There were times I had to stop and reread a section because I was laughing and trying to read through tears, or I wanted to read the section aloud to The Boyfriend.

I also really like Black’s writing style. There were a number of times I could hear his voice in my head speaking the words on the page. He has such a distinct diction when he speaks that it also translates to the page.

While I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas was a humorous, feel-good book, the last chapter was so heart warming and brought actual tears to my eyes. Black writes about the couple of years he did Christmas USO tours with Robin Williams overseas. That last sentence wrapped up the book and the holiday season so perfectly.

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