Review: A Wedding in December

Oh. My. Goodness. Sarah Morgan’s A Wedding in December was the ultimate holiday romance to put my in the holiday spirits and welcome winter.

Rosie announces she is engaged and getting married on Christmas Eve to a man she hasn’t dated very long. And who she met while at university in the US. Her family has to fly from England to Aspen, Colorado for the wedding, but also will experience a white Christmas!

With so many moving pieces of the family dynamic – parents who are temporarily separated, a sister who is burnt out at work, Rosie having a few doubts about the wedding, and the future mother-in-law trying to make the experience in Aspen and the wedding perfect, you know something is bound to go wrong.

I absolutely loved this story – the family struggles felt so real, the situations could have come from personal experiences. The author also captured the magic of snow and made me – who loves snow from indoors, but hates the slush and muck outside –  want to experience winter in Colorado.

I did find myself at the end wishing there was more on this family, though! I want to know where Katie and Jordan and Maggie and Nick all end up after the happily ever after is over.

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