Review: All Cats are Introverts

All Cats are Introverts would be the perfect stocking stuffer for that person on your shopping list who: loves cats, is not a fan of people and appreciates likes some light poetry.

I read this with The Boyfriend and we enjoyed laughing at how true some of these poems were to our kitty – who does not like people who aren’t here own humans – and to The Boyfriend himself who is definitely not a people person.

This is short, fun read with lots of super cute photos of kitties. Definitely a winner for the holidays!

Also good for the holidays – these candles from Birthdate Candles. This one for February Ninth has such a light delicate scent that it isn’t overwhelming and I love to burn. It’s a combination just for this birthdate of lavender, sage, and neroli. Go check out your birthday’s scent at Birthdate Candle Co and save when you use LEANNREADS10!

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