Review: I Want to be Where the Normal People Are

Wow. Just. Wow.

I loved Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex Girlfriend. She’s funny and honest, and I’ve been looking forward to reading I Want to be Where the Normal People Are since I picked it up around Christmas. (Also, yay for finding a signed edition at my local Barnes and Noble!)

This book is so open and honest and was such a joy to read. Bloom talks about how she was bullied in middle and high school, and was a loner growing up. I found myself relating to her struggles to fit in growing up and in school and not finding herself until later in life. Bloom talks about finding musical theater and how that helped her find her people and herself. (For me, that was writing and finding my people who also just wanted to read and write stories.)

Bloom talks openly and honestly about mental health and the struggles she’s dealt with. It’s so nice to read an open and honest discussion about mental health – even if Bloom does crack jokes along the way.

While I found myself relating to a lot of her stories, I also was laughing out loud. Reading this felt like sitting down for drinks with a close friend and catching up after time apart. Rachel and I could totally be bffs, I swear!

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