Review: You Have a Match

You Have a Match was such a fun read – definitely a perfect summer beach read.

Abby and her friend Leo sign up for one of those DNA services. Leo, who’s adopted, hopes to find out more about his biological parents. However, it’s Abby who finds out more about her family than she expects.

The DNA test matches her DNA to an older sister – one that she didn’t know she had. When Savannah (Savvy) reaches out to Abby to meet, things get interesting.

I really liked Abby – I felt she was very genuine in her feelings. Savvy, on the other hand felt a little 2 dimension as a character. She’s described and an Instagram influencer and a rule-follower but never really grows beyond this. Readers see glimpses of other dimensions of Savvy but just glimpses.

I loved any scene with Finn – he was definitely a fun character and stole scenes he was in.

This was a fun, feel good YA read that would be perfect for summer reading lists.

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