Review: Daughter of Dreams and Dread


I’m still reeling from finishing this book. Thank you to @bookofmatchesmedia for including me on this tour! 

While I loved Estelle – she’s an incredibly strong female protagonist who grows into being a badass and into her magic, – the story took a weird, hard turn for me in the middle. At one point, I had to close the book and make sure I was still reading the same book.

That said, the twist at the end had me 🙀, and I flew through the last handful of chapters.

TRIGGER WARNINGS – Graphic violence, abuse, adult language, mention (not graphic) of rape and assault.


When fate tears Estelle Verndari from an ordinary world, dreams become a sinister new reality. In Kiliac, different is dangerous. Different means magic, and magic is punishable by death.  

Lost and alone in a forest of nightmares, Estelle is saved by Rose, a man with fire in his eyes and blood on his hands. But she must learn to survive this brutal new world if she ever hopes to make it home. As the forest becomes a sanctuary, Rose captures her heart, and Estelle discovers a secret magic in her soul—the ability to heal in a world full of ruin.

But an ancient power is calling her name. A tyrant king is drowning the forest in death, and taking up arms to defend it means giving up on finding her path home. If Estelle’s secret is uncovered, everything she’s grown to love will be destroyed.

Thank you to Book of Matches Media and Clare Kae for the advanced copy in exchanged for my hosting this tour and for the advanced reading copy.


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