Review: Song of the Marked

“Casia hated thunderstorms, because they reminded her of the night she had watched her mother kill her father.”

Holy freaking opening. S.M. Gaither might win best first sentence for a new release for 2020.

Song of the Marked felt like a very timely read for 2020. A realm where a mysterious disease is ravaging the people, draining the life from them in a matter of weeks, sometimes days. And a king-emperor who is searching for some cure to the disease.

As I learned more about The Fading Sickness, the more I associated it the coronavirus pandemic our world is currently grappling with.

And, just like we all need more information about COVID-19, I NEED more information about King-Emperor Varen and the Solasen family. 

I appreciated Gaither’s ability to weave information into the story without overloading the reader with information. For instance, I had some questions about how the magic system works in the beginning, but by the time I finished the book my questions had been answered.

That said, I still finished this book with so many questions – especially about Casia: Where is she from? Who is she? How did she not realize she had magic before? And, where does her magic come from? And what is the song of the marked?

The slow burn romance between Casia and Elander is steamy. There’s such tension between the two of them. The romance and the steaminess feels very natural between the two characters, and I was definitely shipping them.

The writing in Song of the Marked was faced paced and I found myself flipping pages quickly and zooming through chapters. However, I never found myself fully invested in any of the characters. That said, with that cliffhanger ending – I need the book two!

 Thank you to author S.M. Gaither and Book of Matches Media for the review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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